Sunday, 13 June 2010
There can be no doubt that the East Cleveland Image Archive housed at Loftus Library will play a big part in the "Iron Age to Digital Age" exhibition. The diagram below shows how images are panning out with regard to East Cleveland Villages. We think that we will place images geographically around the 8 screens. I have edited the obvious ones first andt here are another 938 still to be placed into a location.

Friday, 4 June 2010
What have Middlesbrough Music Live and Loftus Library got in common? Four rubber blocks that's what. Thanks to Martie at Music Life I took  charge of 4 rubber blocks and shipped them down to Lofus calling on Mr Motivator, Barry Hunt to help offload. They're now sitting under John the librarians desk so when he gets back off holiday he will be delighted. These blocks will form the basis of the Octorama soon to be built in the Mayor of Loftus's Barn and if these work out we'll need another 12. Interestingly, I found out after shipping these all the way from Middlesbrough that Skinningrove already have a supply!

I've just added this blog to the equation so I can add more recent developments to the otherwise static resume page.