Sunday, 26 January 2014
For a while I published "Song Story Sunday"  where I took a song and made a collage of it, going through the various stages of development. Today I'm reviving  this feature for a song called "One of A Kind". This song was co-written with Tommy Morrison. Just under a week ago I heard this song played as we all bid our final farewell to Tommy. The version we used for that occasion was by Elkie Brooks because Tommy was justly proud that his song had been recorded by a major artist. Naked song alert !!  – the collage starts with my rough "dooh be doo be dooh" rendition. All I had was the title. I gave this to Tommy to develop a lyric and next there is a version sung by Tommy when he'd done the lyrics. This is not a simple pop song lyric – "I've spent a lifetime, or so it seems, moving in circles, dealing in dreams", pure Morrison Magic. Next there is a version sung by Phil Caffrey that I used to pitch for covers. This version can be heard on the recently released "Sleepless Nights" album by Caffrey, Morrsion, Thompson. Then we hear the version by Elkie Brooks released on her "Pearls iii" CD and also as a single in various parts of Europe. Finally, there is an updated version I started to work on about a year ago. Maybe I need to finish this?

Steve T


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