Friday, 28 November 2014

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These pictures are from the Aspirational Digital Stories workshop held in July 2014. All the participants designed their ideal city and then presented their ideas to the group

e group.
Sunday, 16 November 2014
In 1999 Tom Kelly and I wrote and produced a musical "Steel Town". It tells of a young man's dream of escaping the Steel Works into the world of music (wonder who that could be?) Tom produced the lyric to the song I'm posting which brilliantly captures how that young man's parents may have felt (who could they be?) As we now know, those who did not escape Consett steel works saw its demise in 1980. We put the musical on at the Custom House South Shields and then we took it home to the Empire in Consett. Tom and I are now re-developing the musical to become a Teesside story. To help this we're running some community workshops complete with fantastic archive film from the North East Film Archive. This video shows a lot of Teesside people but only uses minimal clips from the archives so I feel comfortable showing it here. For more you'd have to come to a workshop.