Sunday, 4 January 2015
I  shared a letter on Zero Hours contracts a few days ago on Facebook  thinking my little circle of bolshy friends may have something to say about it. Now I'm astounded to see it's been shared over 14,000 times and the likes may go over 13,000 anytime soon. This and the 100's of PM's I've received from some pretty desperate people tell me that this is not just one mans rant. These are big numbers that endorse my belief that there's a lot if injustice going on. It's not just abusive "employment" conditions either. There is housing rental injustice as pointed out by my friend Kev Howard who also brought to my attention recently the injustice being perpetrated on people with disabilities by ATOS et all. I'm sure there's more e.g. the financial injustices: corporate greed, bankers bonuses and tax avoidance that everyone is talking about. The exorbitant cost of life's necessities such as water, gas and electricity. The mis-labeling of our food products. I was just remarking to my wife yesterday, if we put together the money we've clawed back in illegal banking charges and mis-sold PPI over the past few years it amounts to a huge chunk stolen from our income. What the hell is happening? What can we do about it all?


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