Friday, 30 September 2011
October 1st and 2nd sees 3 workshops taking place in the locations below in the Drama in the Dale production "The Bonny Moorhen". This is a community play being developed by Jack Drum Arts with community groups to dramatise the Stanhope Riot of 1819

My part in this is to develop additional Digital activities. These include Learning Wikis, Podcasts, Digital Maps and possible webstreaming of the final performance to take place in March 2012. I put together the movie below to show people the activities they can take part in.

Adventure in the Dale

Adding this after the three workshops took place. We arrived at the wonderful Wearhead Primary School on a lovely sunny day (pictures below). We had a smallish number pass through our workshops. Below is one of the songs from the production recorded there.

The next workshop at Wolsingham school was better attended and people participated in the drama and music workshop. Not knowing what to expect I have made a 9 minute film to show people. I decided to cut this down to 4 short pieces for the next workshop. With these workshops being si far from my home I stayed overnight in Blanchland. This is quite close to where I grew up so my parents came to visit. My mother reminded me that my Grandmothers family came from Blanchland and were landed gentry at Newbiggin Hall until the lands reverted to the crown when the male line died out - perhaps more on that later.

On day two we travelled to the 3rd workshop in Stanhope quite close to the Bonnie Moorhen itself. My reworked presentation worked much better. There was a good turn out and the drama and music workshops worked well too. Duncan, one of the Music Directors took us all through a 4 part harmony song. I absolutely loved this. You can hear it below. Unfortunately as the recording device (my smartphone) was in my hands you can hear me the loudest blissfully unaware that I am singing out of tune throughout.

Images from the Weekend (click to enlarge)


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