Tuesday, 11 October 2011
Charlie Crane
I met Charlie Crane mid to late 80's when I was earning a living as a songwriter. I had just come to the end of a contract with MCA Music and Charlie had just left employment as a publisher (can't remember - maybe it was ABC Music) I was looking for a new publisher and he was looking for some action. I can't remember how we met but we hung out for a while. To be honest I had kinda fallen out with MCA as they fired my main man, Pete Waterman leaving me without a mentor.

I stayed at Charlie's house a couple of times and met his wife and kids. I recall a moment when Charlie caught me dealing from the bottom of the deck in a card game. I was playing with his six year old son at the time.

I remember hearing somewhere that Charlie was a one time member of a band called the "Crying Shames" but I did not pay this much attention as I was more concerned with my own career. Eventually Charlie got the gig with MCA music which put an end to us working together since I had just left them. I guess I should have stayed in touch and got him to work my back catalogue but I was more concerned with the future. I got a publishing deal with DJM through Gus Dudgeon and concentrated on that, losing touch with Charlie.

Just yesterday evening Charlie came to mind so I thought I would Google him. I vaguely recall hearing he had died so I didn't expect to find him on Facebook. I did find him though. Made me think how great the web is that I could learn more about his story that I selfishly paid scant attention to. Through YouTube I was able hear him sing and realising that the record was produced by the legendary Joe Meek, I really wished I had got into conversation about this. This web page - tells the story of the "Crying Shames" very well and in the YouTube below you can hear Charlie sing. He was a nice unassuming guy and I wish that I had kept in touch but our paths crossed briefly and we went our own ways - such is life.


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